Daddys away….


….Greyson gets spoiled by Grammie today!  

Greyson had a wonderful day with mom and Grammie Jo.  He spent a great deal of time looking lovingly at his Grandma as if he knew that she would be the lady to fulfill all of his toystore dreams.  Greyson spent a long time awake today and it seemed that no matter how we tried he just couldn’t be coaxed to sleep.  He was so cute with droopy eyelids that kept shooting back open.

I’m not as good at the technical side of the report as Bob is,  guess that is the difference between a mom’s take on something and a dad’s.  But for those of you who follow the numbers I guess you will want to know the Co2, which was 72 last night.  There was no guess at why it was so high from either doctors or nurses.   He was started on a new med today which I think is a different kind of diuretic.  Hopefully that will dry out his lungs a bit.  Also his weight was 8 lbs 13 ounces.  He just passed another milestone in grams, but I’ll let you all figure out what it is.  Grammie and I are looking forward to another great day tomorrow!

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7 thoughts on “Daddys away….

  1. I’m really glad Stacy that you are keeping up the updates. You did just fine. I know that your mom is having lots of fun with Greyson, he is such a charmer. I hope tomorrow his co2 sats are better and that all will be well towards staying that way. I know daddy is having a hard time being away from you and Greyson this weekend. I think I better say an extra prayer for him tonight.
    Love you

  2. Way to go Stacy!!!! Its nice to hear your side of the story! Greyson does look very alert looking at his grandma. It appears too that Gramma is relaxed after her flight. Hope that went well for her. Its so nice too that she can be there with you during the time Bob is away to keep you company on your trek to the hospital. We will continue to pray for Greysons lungs and hope that his number will come down a little. Maybe with his “toystore dreams” taken care of he will be able to focus more on breathing :). Thanks so much for keeping us updated your the best!


  3. WOW!!!!! This picture does my heart so much good. I can just see the love in little Greyson’s eyes for his Grammie….I told Uncle Wayne this morning that I bet we had a picture of Grammie Jo with Greyson and sure enough we do….Thank you for sharing….Stacy we love you so much and just can’t believe how amazing you are…..I hope in some way you can feel our love through the internet and just know you are in our thoughts so very very often…Please feel a GREAT BIG HUG from us…….OUr love, Aunt Sue.

  4. Stacy, nice job with the update and an absolutely great picture of Greyson watching his Grammie. And yes, I think little ones innately know the “toy givers”. Looks like he’s already got your number Joann.

    I wish you all a good day today and all that follow. Know that we think of you all often and offer our prayers to God to bless you and heal Greyson’s lungs.

    Greyson, we are all rooting for lower gases. KJ says he’ll put in a nickle in your piggy bank for the days your gases are over 67, so “not to worry”, but you’ll get more if they’re lower.

    Enjoy your time with Grammie and Mom.

    Judy & KJ

  5. Well, KJ and I found a pound to gram conversation table on the internet. First we tried lbs and ozs to grams, but the answer wasn’t a “milestone” total, so then just ounces to grams and it’s 3997.282 grams. SO, almost 4000 grams. Wow, how far you’ve come little one.

    Good night, rest well and get better and better, little one.


  6. Shaun,
    You are the best! Thanks so much for taking the time to put those pages together. The are no words to tell you how much we appreciate all you have done to help Bob and Stacy keep this site going!

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